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(Please refer to rate page for cost)


Playtime is one of our most popular services. Canines have the opportunity to stretch their legs even more when they have time out in our Playtime Lots. These large shaded areas allow our guests to run, explore, and stretch-out .

Our more cuddly pets can experience Office Time. Each Pet gets to hang out in the office with staff where they can experience lap time, brush-out time, or whatever way they would like to spend their time. We have even had pets that curl-up under the desk for a comfortable nap.




Why not have your pet visit our salon during their stay. Our bathing system allows us to penetrate any coat type with a warm and soothing shampoo experience. With an easy access door and ramp, entering or exiting is a breeze. And be assured that our blow dry system removes 90% of the water while fluffing the coat. After their bath and blow dry, our guests can continue to dry in one of our holding pens that blows a perfectly warm stream of air that has a tendency to relax our clients into an afternoon slumber.

In addition to baths, we offer Brush-outs, Dips, Nail trims, and ear cleaning.

(Please make grooming appointments when making reservation so that we can schedule appropriate staffing) 




Need your Pet out of the House for the day? Bring your Pet to Daycare. Canines still get an Indoor/Outdoor Run to enjoy throughout the day and Felines still get a condo to lounge in. We provide water and clients can bring bedding and toys. Sign them up for Playtime  for that extra special day away from home or have your pet bathed before returning home that evening.

(We do not feed daycare guests)

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