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Legacy is proud to offer the only true Indoor/Outdoor runs in the area. All of our canine guests have a climate controlled indoor area with a swinging pet door leading to their outdoor area. They have access to both area's 24/7 and are never boarded with other pets unless from the same household and requested by the owners. No dogs are caged unless requested by the owner for special needs.

Legacy Kennel now offers Luxury Dog Suites. These Suites offer twice the space of traditional large runs, both on the inside climate controlled area and the outside area. They offer a private area inside that has a glass block window where your pet can relax and watch Animal Planet or a pet related show on it's own television  set. These Suites book quickly, so be sure to reserve yours today!

(prices for Luxury Suites are listed on Rate page)

Cats are boarded in a separate building from the dogs in Kitty Condo's. These condo's are large with perches for relaxing and most have windows for bird watching. Cats that are signed-up for playtime can stroll around the climate controlled building visiting their neighbors condo's and socializing  through the screen doors.

We find that though your cat enjoys our friendly staffs visits, they like the peace and quiet of their condo's environment.   

We haven't forgotten about our exotic friends. Legacy has boarded a variety of pets to include: Rabbits, Ferrets, Bird's, Chinchilla's, Pot Belly Pigs, Hamster's, Guinea Pig's, Frogs, Snakes, Turtle's, Lizard's, Iguana's and many more. 

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